Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Battle with Burweed

I am still in a war to take back my yard from the pokies!  The crop of them this year is bigger than ever thanks to my great idea to put weed-n-feed in the yard.  

A few weeks ago I talked to a lawn professional about my problem and he told me that I am on a three year mission to totally get rid of the burweed.  Three years!  And that I should have started spraying chemicals on the yard in January.  ARGHHHH!

After trying Ortho WeedBGone, which worked some, but not as good as I had hoped, I went back to what Daryl had suggested -- 2-4-D.  I put some in a hand-held sprayer to test it out and it worked great.

The left side has been sprayed and has dead pokies.

Daryl got involved and built a fancy, pokie-killing machine.

Instead of the hand-held sprayer I now have a 25 gallon tank...

and a 7-nozzle spray boom.
This is war!


  1. How tuff is that! Mr. Daryl is smokin'! All your posts make me miss you all even more!