Thursday, May 5, 2011

My peeps

I haven't put many pictures up lately of all of my peeps, but I'm still practicing my photography "skills" on them.  They are very cooperative.

This is Bella while Daniel had gone to the doctor one day.  As much as they love each other, they do enjoy some time as the only two year old in the house!

Bennett does not usually wear orange and blue, but it sure looks good with his red hair!

Lily was sitting on Midnight when I took this picture.  She is really growing up, isn't she?

Daniel and his toad :)

You know how kids just can't find their natural smile sometimes?  That's the way Jonathan was when I took this, but he LOVES Buzz and Woody and I had to get their picture together.


  1. I love your peeps!! And I can never find a good smile in front of a camera either, so I feel Jonathans pain.