Thursday, May 19, 2011

A wedding, a baptism, and a funeral

Last weekend was one spent with family.  Close family, extended family, and family friends.  The reasons we were together were varied.  Grandchildren spent the night with us so their parents could be alone together, the daughter of friends was married, nieces were baptized, an uncle was buried.

I am thankful for people we love and that we get together during the events in our lives.  Big events like weddings and funerals and small things like a night out.  We celebrate as family and we grieve as family.

Sunday evening Joy, Bell, and their cousin, Scarlett, were baptized in Ellen's pool.  It was a real celebration!  The girls were so happy and excited.

Bell, Scarlet, John, & Joy before their baptism.

Ellen and Joseph led the music

 Lily and Pappy reading the words to the songs.

It was really cool for a May evening and the girls warmed up by the fire.

Ben and Bennett.  Mary and Don in the background.

 Ellen, Daryl and Bennett

Mary, Savannah, Marilyn, and Jacob.  Between Mary and Savannah is a drawing of Savannah when she was a little girl.  So cute!

Thanks, Anna and Betsy, for allowing all of us to be a part of such a happy day!

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  1. What great pictures and what a great family time! Bennett is getting so big! :)