Monday, May 9, 2011

The start of a garden

I love the idea of having a garden.  I love watching seeds grow into plants that give me food and flowers, walking in the garden, and just sitting and looking at it.  I don't love the hard work that it takes to get to that point.  Because I like the result so much, though, I put in the work.  It is always easier with some help and last week Daryl spent Saturday morning with me getting the soil ready to plant.

A few days before, I had gone out early to snap this shot of fog over the field.  You can see how neglected the garden was.  The vines on top of my pole teepee are from last year's green beans.  I think I need a ladder to get them down!

When we got out to get started, there was a hot air balloon floating over us.  Does that bring good luck, maybe?

Daryl gave me an awesome Stihl tiller for Christmas!  I have used it some, too, but he still does the tilling best!

My oregano that I planted last year is growing great right now.  I usually put flowers in this planter, but decided to plant an ornamental grass and some sweet potato vine this year.

This globe was spending time in the basement so I brought it out for a little garden art.

I planted lots of flowers, some corn, and three tomato plants.  I think I might plant one squash hill (they get so big) and some okra, too.

This is a picture from last year's garden taken on June 7th.  I feel like I am a little late getting started, but maybe not.  I just need to get the seeds planted around the green bean pole.  It's a great place for the grandkids to play!

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  1. I love your garden! And I really like that globe! It kind of inspires me for my plot from (somewhere besides heaven).