Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Here and there

I woke up this morning in a familiar, sunny room at Mom and Dad's house.  The drive out here on Sunday was cloudy and rainy.  The cloudy is fine, but the rainy part was a little stressful at times.  Usually, I am driving one of the biggest, baddest trucks on the interstate, but this time, in an effort to save money on gas I drove Ben and Abbie's Honda Accord.  I'm not used to sitting that low to the ground with tractor-trailer trucks slinging misty rain on the windshield.  I think I should make the adjustment, though, because their car got 33 mpg compared to the Yukon's 14 mpg.  Huge difference, isn't it?!  If anyone is in the market for an extremely comfortable, roomy, gas-guzzling Denali, I have one for sale!

The reason for my visit is that Mom had surgery yesterday.  So we are back at our OU Medical Center home away from home.  The operation went well.

This is Mom in the waiting room yesterday morning.  Doesn't she look beautiful?  Her hair has come back a little more white and a lot more curly and I love it.

I cropped the picture a little, but had to keep Cathy's McDonald's Coke cup.  She is usually holding one!

Meanwhile, back on the farm....

I wonder why Shiloh has made another path to go around the house?  I worked pretty hard to lay the stones that are there, but she has her own way.  Kids these days!


  1. She does look so pretty. I love white hair! I hope we get to visit with her soon! Tell her we love her and are praying for a quick recovery.

  2. Hahaha. Yes. I noticed the cup before I read about it and thought, 'I almost always have one of those, don't I?' I need to quit that. I do love the picture though. I think I will do a little more cropping on my copy though. :P

  3. The cup comment made me laugh a lot!!
    I guess I am passing my curly hair genes on to our mom...hmmm how does that work?