Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The intimidated leading the young

Early this year I decided that I would take up knitting.  It isn't a totally new thing to me, but it does intimidate me and I want to gain some level of mastery over it.  I bought a learn-to-knit book and started at the beginning.  The first project in the book is a simple purse.  I don't need one of those, but decided I could use a little makeup bag.  I lined it with a scrap of fabric and was really happy with the results.

Then, I wanted to make a prayer shawl for a room at church.  It was nothing more than knitting row after row until the piece was long enough and then adding tassels.

The book quickly moved into knitting sweaters.  I am so intimidated by making one, that I can't seem to get past the first row.  I have started, though.  It will be a brown sweater for a little boy.  I'll have to see how big or small it turns out to know who it will fit.  Since I have grandsons aged 4, 2, and 7 months, I hope it will fit one of them!

A friend at church would like to learn how to knit and her mom asked me to teach her.  I really don't know what I am doing, but maybe we can learn together.  She is left handed.  I am right handed.

I accidentally started off teaching her how to knit backward, then figured out what I had done.   We both look confused, don't we?  The best I could tell her when we finished is, "Well, maybe those YouTube videos will make a little more sense now."   Poor Madelynn.


  1. Good to see a picture of you. You should post more. I miss seeing my Mama!

  2. Oh to be left handed in a right handed world! I feel Madelynn's pain.

  3. My new name is Anonymous (Cheryl) cause it won't let me comment under my google acct