Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Runaways

We got a call Saturday from Floyd.  He left a message on our answering machine that was something like this:  

"Hi, Cindy.  This is Floyd.  We found three little chickens walking around in our neighborhood and when we called them they came right to us.  We picked them up to save them from the cats.  We know you have chickens and thought you might take them."

Well, sure!

What were these guys doing walking around in a neighborhood in Montgomery?  They look like they are about a month old.  Someone must have thought chickens would be cute in an Easter basket, but then let them play in the backyard when their cuteness wore off.  I don't know that, though.  Maybe they escaped from the chicken store and were runaways out to make their way in the big world.

I am curious about what breed they are.  I got out an old Murray McMurray Hatchery catalog to do a little investigation.

Baby chickens don't look much like their adult counterparts, but these new friends are not newborns like the ones in the pictures.  I will have to wait until they are a little older to figure it out.

And, did you know that there are chicken catalogs because you can order chickens online and have them delivered to the post office?  There is a 25 chicken minimum order from Murray McMurray.  They are a day or two old when you get them and all 25 fit into a box the size of a small shoe box.  The mailman will call you and ask you to please hurry on down and take them home.  Then you are the proud parent of 25 new noisy, stinky cuties.

I'm glad Floyd only found three.

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