Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just thinking....

I like to get my color inspiration for inside the house from outside the house.

I have a bedroom wall painted the color of one of the green eggs my chickens laid.  For realz!  I even took the egg to the paint store to get them to match the color.  And the sales person did not give me any strange looks!

What about this color combination for my dining room redo?

I think I would choose the more turquoise color of the sky in the next picture.  And there is LOTS of wall in the dining room so I need to be careful with my color choice.  Maybe white trim in the color of clouds and a chair rail to divide the wheat and the sky?  And while you can't see it here, I will incorporate some green into the mix.

This is a plate I bought at Dillard's that combines the colors well.

Hmmm......    Just thinking.....

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