Sunday, June 16, 2013

The streak

 Here is a little phone conversation I had yesterday:
Me:  I've got a little running streak going.
Jackie:  Great!  What kind of streak?
Me:  A running streak.
....silence across the phone lines....
Jackie:  Oh!  You mean running!
Okay.  This may be confusing.  But, I have a little running streak going.  I have run for 35 days in a row!  I have a friend who has a big running streak going.  She has run for 386 days in a row.  So, mine is just little. 
It's a big deal, though, because I'm not good at it, I don't like it, and I sweat terribly.  Running is good for me.  Period.  That is why I do it.
My running began almost two years ago and besides the physical benefits, there are some blessings that go along with my little jogs.  I get to run along wooded dirt roads and on smooth paved roads past loved ones' homes.  I have seen the sun rise and seen the sun set.  I have heard birds singing songs I would never hear from inside the house.  I have smelled freshly tilled earth, newly planted with wheat seeds.  I have nearly stumbled over big rocks, mud puddles, and dead snakes.  I have worshiped and prayed.   Many times I am alone, but I have also been joined by my sister, my husband, and my dog.
Yesterday, I had planned a fairly short outing and half-way through I did something I had never done before.  I took a detour.  To my left was a pond that I rarely visit.
On that pond is a small deck.

On that deck is a swing. 
And I sat down.  Right in the middle of my run.
I think that peaceful, quiet time did as much for my heart as the run that took me there and back home.  And, I think I will do that again.  Maybe on a Saturday next time, too.  Maybe I'll get a streak of how many Saturdays I have taken a detour!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Some of my guys

One of my guys likes to learn,
two of my guys like to smile, 
one of my guys likes to swing, 
 and one of my guys likes to just hang out.
 I love my guys.