Sunday, June 16, 2013

The streak

 Here is a little phone conversation I had yesterday:
Me:  I've got a little running streak going.
Jackie:  Great!  What kind of streak?
Me:  A running streak.
....silence across the phone lines....
Jackie:  Oh!  You mean running!
Okay.  This may be confusing.  But, I have a little running streak going.  I have run for 35 days in a row!  I have a friend who has a big running streak going.  She has run for 386 days in a row.  So, mine is just little. 
It's a big deal, though, because I'm not good at it, I don't like it, and I sweat terribly.  Running is good for me.  Period.  That is why I do it.
My running began almost two years ago and besides the physical benefits, there are some blessings that go along with my little jogs.  I get to run along wooded dirt roads and on smooth paved roads past loved ones' homes.  I have seen the sun rise and seen the sun set.  I have heard birds singing songs I would never hear from inside the house.  I have smelled freshly tilled earth, newly planted with wheat seeds.  I have nearly stumbled over big rocks, mud puddles, and dead snakes.  I have worshiped and prayed.   Many times I am alone, but I have also been joined by my sister, my husband, and my dog.
Yesterday, I had planned a fairly short outing and half-way through I did something I had never done before.  I took a detour.  To my left was a pond that I rarely visit.
On that pond is a small deck.

On that deck is a swing. 
And I sat down.  Right in the middle of my run.
I think that peaceful, quiet time did as much for my heart as the run that took me there and back home.  And, I think I will do that again.  Maybe on a Saturday next time, too.  Maybe I'll get a streak of how many Saturdays I have taken a detour!


  1. You are so inspiring! Congratulations on your streak! :)

  2. that first part cracked me up ... I can hear that conversation! haha! I'm impressed! :)