Saturday, May 7, 2011

The long way home

I am driving home tomorrow from Oklahoma.  Before I left to come out here I knew that there was a chance of Interstate 40 being flooded.  After all, the Mississippi River was 3 miles wide when I was out here six weeks ago and there has been nothing but rain since then

This photo was taken yesterday.  Both lanes are closed now.


The road was clear last week, but from Memphis to Little Rock there was an awful lot of water in the fields.  And during one of the rain storms I drove through, I got a glimpse of a river that appeared to be way too close to the bottom of the bridge I was driving over.

Now the interstate has flooded.  There are detours, of course.  One of them takes you 296 miles out of your way and the other is a mere 219 mile excursion.  On mostly two-lane roads.

So, I am taking another way back to Sweet Home Alabama.  I'll be driving south to Dallas and then due east to Montgomery.  This way is longer than our normal I-40 route, but hopefully without detours.

When Grandmother and Granddaddy Atkinson lived in Linden, TX, we took this route several times.  I remember one winter night during a snowstorm.  We could barely see the road, but the big trucks were speeding past us in the left-hand lane.  They knew that the road wasn't slippery, I guess, but we drove with white-knuckles the whole way.  The high temperature tomorrow in Dallas is 94 degrees so I am okay on that.

Have you ever heard of HAARP?  Me, neither, until today.  I talked to my uncle and he thinks that all of the bad/different/strange weather patterns the past few years are caused by it.  Maybe so...

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