Friday, May 27, 2011

New Perspective

While reading Whole Living Magazine this month I decided to participate in a 10-day Reboot.  It is a plan to get moving physically and to clean out mentally.  At least, that is my take on it!

One idea I really love is to clean out your closet.  Not with the mindset of "How does this fit?", but of "How does this make me feel?"  That was a big difference to me.  Sometimes when I buy clothes, the item doesn't end up fitting like I had thought it would.  And every time I put it on, I don't feel good about how I look.  I guess it is because I don't buy that many clothes, but I have always left it in my closet until I finally say something like, "I have kept you long enough not to feel guilty about giving you away."  

So this week I weeded out a few things.   It feels good already!  There are probably some others, but I just can't do it all at once! 

This flower didn't know it was in a child's plastic swimming pool.  It bloomed as beautifully as if it had been in a pond at a botanical garden.  There must be a lesson in there for me somewhere!

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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