Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have been doing some cleaning out in our basement.  Some of what is down there is storage for things we need.  Like the oversized griddle I rarely use, suitcases, books that are waiting for that new bookcase I hope to get soon.  Stuff like that :)

We have boxes of saved momentos, too.  In those boxes are a KFC napkin from our honeymoon, some of Jackie's old stuffed animals, school papers from everyone, and an old pair of cowboy boots.

Today I was reminded of why I believe in keeping some things.  While looking through a box of random items, I found an old, small jar that had been on Mama Skaggs' dresser.  In the jar is her old hairnets, a piece of paper with the address of a Vallie Mullins in Chugiak, Alaska, some buttons, and this ring.

It is tiny and barely fits on my pinky finger.  I don't know anything about this little heart ring, except that it used to be plated in 18 carat gold.  I can see that mark on the inside.  I will ask my parents if they know anything about it, but today the details didn't matter.

The memories that looking through her little storage jar brings are very dear and very sweet.  Mama Skaggs was a good grandmother to me.  My life is richer today because of the memories we made together.  I am thankful that she was a part of my life.  And I am thankful for the little ring that made me think of her today.

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