Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A completed project

This week I totally finished the throw I have been working on all year.  I haven't worked on it that many hours, it is just that I kept puttering at it and never getting it done.  So, I finally did a smack down on it!

I'm talking about the one that Twinkle helped me lay out.

After I put all of the blocks together it had to be blocked.  Blocking is laying it down in its final size and shape, pinning it, and spraying it with water.  When the throw dries, it is much prettier.  Has something to do with the water and the pinning.  :)

See all of those puckers?  I do, too.

When I chose the yarn I was thinking of how it would look if I crocheted a throw and threw it on my bed.  I'm satisfied with it.

I'm probably thinking of crochet today because Mom is back in the hospital for her final (we hope) surgery of her ten month ordeal.  When she is in the hospital, I crochet.  Usually, I am sitting in Oklahoma City doing it, but this time I am here in Alabama.  Her surgery went well and she should be back home this weekend.

Now, on to my next project.  I think I will knit a sweater.  It should be finished in a couple of years!

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