Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This morning when I opened the door to go for a walk I was greeted by a beautiful fog.

The foggy garden

I don't know what this weed is, but I think I will go back and cut some to mix in with the roses in a vase.  It looks a little like babies breath.

There is a little farming going on out on Greer Farm this week.  Imagine that!

Headed back home

Deer tracks, but didn't see a deer

The sun trying to break through

Back to the garden

Living out of town like we do is a lot more messy and a little more complicated than living in a neighborhood, but I am thankful that the things that matter most to me about home are all found here.  

P.S  After I posted this I went outside to cut a little grass and tend to the animals.  

SO... I noticed that one little chicken had escaped from her pen so I tried to catch her, was unsuccessful, went back and forth out of the horse pen trying to "show her the way home", left the horse gate open on one of those times, Midnight got out, finally got the chick back in her home, went to get Midnight, he said "no, thank you" to coming back home, I said, "you wait until your dad gets home, " he changed his mind, I put him in the fence.  

Good thing this is "thankful Thursday" or I'd be having some ungrateful thoughts!

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  1. daryl takes his gun when he goes for a walk, but you take your camera! great pictures!