Monday, June 27, 2011

Where we were

Over the weekend Daryl and I were in Panama City.  Every summer Edward Jones has a meeting for all of the financial advisers in our area and their families.  We don't always go to the same place, but the first one of these meetings we went to back in 1999 was at Bay Point Marriott, also.  

I wish I had gone back and shot this picture when the tree lights were on.

This walkway takes you out onto the bay and to a little beach.  There is also a restaurant out on the water.

See that chair at the end of the path?  I want to go back and sit there!

Go ahead and read the sign.
As I was headed back to the walkway, I read the sign, noticed my sandals,  and felt much safer.

This is a No Diving sign.  See the sand under the boardwalk?  

Thanks for posing so well, Little Bunny.

When we got home yesterday afternoon, I got out and cut about half of our grass.  This morning when I went out to finish the job, the cut grass had grown already.

I am definitely back in the real world!

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