Monday, June 13, 2011

Macramé plant hangers

Smells have a way of bringing back memories when you least expect them, don't they?   I was tying up the tomatoes with some twine last week and it took me back to my grandparent's backyard.  

At some point during my growing up years I got on a kick of making macramé plant hangers.

Like this one.

I have no idea why I would do that.  It is unlikely that I had any plants to hang.  I should probably apologize to anyone I gave one to.  It was probably a gift that makes you say, "Ummmmm......thank you?"

I remember the summer that I was a macrame specialist.  Both sets of our grandparents lived in Pasadena, Texas and every summer we would travel from our home in Indiana, Alabama, or some other place to visit them.   On this trip either Dad or Papa Skaggs  installed a hook on the ceiling of the back patio so I could stay out there and be crafty.  I stood there making planters for days.  Or at least that is how the smell of jute makes me remember it!  I have always loved the feeling of being productive by making something out of strings, threads and fabric.  Today that love is fueled by yarn and embroidery thread.

But, I still use jute to hold the plants up.

I love that smell!

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