Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some rain and some wheat

We have had two days in a row of rain!  I guess we had just gotten accustomed to drought because everywhere I go people are talking about how grateful they are to get wet.

The rain is such a relief.  A relief from the heat, the dust, the pollen.  And a relief from feeling like we will never see rain again.

A few weeks ago I was reminded of farmers and how their livelihood is so connected to something they have no control over.  The weather.

The wheat in the front field had gone from being a beautiful green....

to a beautiful golden brown.

Then came the day to cut the wheat.

The day I took these pictures was almost unbearably hot.  While the farmer is in his cab he has an air conditioner and probably a CD player.  There are always problems with the machinery, though, and he had to get out under the combine.  I really felt for him.  He is the little white speck out in front.

Farming gets in the blood.  Year after year people will find a way to plant in the spring.  It says a lot about resilience, hope, and the support of the federal government. :)

Daryl and I are headed out this morning to Panama City Beach.  He will have some business meetings and I will be relaxing.  We will both be eating some good food!

I haven't checked the weather forecast for the beach, but any weather is good weather when we are on vacation.  Rain or shine.  It's all good!

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