Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Litterbug thoughts

I found this lovely gift while I was out walking this morning.  And I thought to myself, why throw things out of your truck on my road?  Just take them home and throw it out in your own yard.

I'll never understand it!

But the cigarette box reminded me of my visit to the doctor yesterday.

From where I was sitting on the table I could see the computer screen that showed all of my information.  I noticed that under the heading of Tobacco Use it said "Denies".  Well, of course, I deny using tobacco.  Because I don't use tobacco!  Why doesn't it say a simple "no" or "none".  The word, "denies", seems to imply that they doubt my answer.  Am I getting paranoid?

And all of that reminds me of the words and phrases I heard yesterday that would never have come up twenty or even ten years ago.  Things like:

 - yes, that's a bunion

 - menopausal

 - well, as you get older (doesn't that go without saying?)

 - schedule a colonoscopy (boo)

 - I'll prescribe a statin

 - does anyone in your family have gout? (what?)

Of course, some things were good.  Such as:

 - you must be exercising (my favorite)

 - your good cholesterol is very high

When Ben heard that I had gone to get some lab work done a week before my appointment he told me that is what happens when you get older.  He is right.  But since he was born when I was only 19, he's just not that far behind me!  And it looks like I might be around to say the same thing back to him!  What a blessing!

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  1. Too Funny! And do you have gout???? What is that?