Saturday, June 4, 2011

World's tackiest bird feeder

I have not had very good luck with bird feeders this year.  And I wanted to very badly!  First, the only one I had bit the dust.  Then, the next two I got were duds.  Who ever heard of bird feeders that birds won't eat out of?

My parents have two great bird feeders.  One of them is a flat feeder and the other is a regular feeder.  Regular, except that it has batteries in it to shock the squirrels who try to steal some seeds.  That's just the way they feel about squirrels in Oklahoma.

So, I called Mom to see if many birds were eating at their feeder.  She said that it really wasn't the time of year to feed birds since there is so much food other places right now.  That made me feel better, but I have had almost -0- birds!

Without spending any money, a flat feeder seemed like the way to go.

And I set out to make the World's Tackiest Bird Feeder.

I think I was very successful!

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  1. Well I think it's fancy!! Cheryl (I have to put my name cause I can't post off my google account)