Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Minnie solves a mystery

Last year I posted about whether or not this beautiful chicken was a hen or a rooster.  I had decided that he must be a rooster because he was bigger than his sisters and had a larger comb.  I just wasn't certain, though.

After several months I had changed my mind and decided that Dela must be a girl.  There had not been one crow out of him/her, and no tail feathers had gotten longer.  But neither had I seen any evidence of egg laying.  The sex of this Delaware chicken was still a mystery.

Until today.

I was working outside when I glanced into the egg-laying nests and saw a little white tail sticking up in the air.  See her on the far right?

I think she must have waited for me to see her at work because she had turned around to have her face out.  

Thanks, sweetie.  Mystery solved.  

I still think she has a very roostery head, though.

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  1. hey! I meant to tell you this ... I read something the other day about hens molting, and how it can last 4 or 5 months, and they can go the whole time laying very few, if any, eggs, then pick up laying again after their new feathers are in. i thought it was interesting, and maybe what was wrong with yours?, but you probably already knew that! :)