Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pecan orchard

Daryl called on his way to work Monday morning to tell me how beautiful the pecan orchard looked that morning.  The ground was frosty and the sun was just starting to break through the wood line to the east.  I was headed out, too, so I brought my camera to capture the moment.  

Pecan trees have a bad habit of dropping limbs - my father-in-law says they are 'self-pruning'.  Since this orchard is not directly in anyone's yard it is easy to let the limbs lie on the ground.  Then when the grass begins to grow you aren't sure exactly where the limbs are so you just cut big circles around the trees.  It doesn't always make for a pretty view.

A wedding will be held here soon, though.  Thousands of pounds of pecans have been picked up and sold, limbs have been removed, and the finishing mower made a round with the tractor.  

The orchard has never looked better.

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  1. Beautiful...who is getting married now? Or is this even a family member...must be great fun having a large family that is close. Love you all so much!