Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Comfort for a Tuesday morning

On this dreary Tuesday morning I am in need of a little comfort.  I have orange peels and cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove, a candle lit, gentle music playing in the background.

I want the comforting in small part because I have a cold.

In large part because a good friend died suddenly and too soon.  I'm sad for his wife and I'm sad for his children and grandchildren.  And I'm sad for all of us who will miss his ready smile, big laugh, and wise counsel.  We all know that life is fleeting, that it can be taken away in the blink of an eye, and yet, when we are smacked with that fact, we are in shock.

Many of us will spend today in our kitchens, doing what we can do.  We'll pray for Nita while we stir the casserole.  We will plan to live as if this is our last day while we bake a cake.  On this Valentine's Day we will try to put our love in action.

Then we will leave our homes, bring our food, and gather with each other to remember.  We will give a hug to a grieving family. We will hug each other.  A little more aware of how important we are to each other.


  1. Anyone we would know, Cindy? I am sorry for their loss, regardless...it's always sad to lose someone...I have a cold too - can smell the oranges & cinnamon from here!