Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yard cleaning

I used the lawn mower yesterday.  It wouldn't be correct to say that I cut grass because the only thing growing is weeds.  So, I cut weeds yesterday.  Just the little bit of work I did made a huge difference in how neat and clean it looks outside.  

I like for the shadows on the ground from the trees to have sharp lines, not the fuzzy ones I see when the weeds or the grass is tall.  Sharp shadow lines is one of my rewards for cutting grass.

I think I see the outline of a very large buck and his antlers!

The price for the beauty of the moss in the trees is the work of picking up all of it that falls on the ground.  The whole time I was picking up moss yesterday I was calculating how much I would have to pay someone else to do this for me.  I decided to think of it as part of my workout for the day and stop complaining in my mind!

The chickens spent some time outside yesterday, too.  Harry is looking really beautiful these days.

He is very aware of that fact.

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  1. So beautiful! Check your email for a picture I think you'll enjoy!