Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Color challenged

I am a little color blind.  Maybe not color 'blind', but I do have problems distinguishing colors.

My malady first showed up when I was having a difficult time  matching Daryl's socks.  The blue socks and the black socks look so much alike to me.  I can usually tell the difference if there is a bright light, but without it, you don't want me matching your socks, believe me!

At first, I didn't really think about it.  I thought everyone had trouble telling blue socks from black socks.  But when Daryl could always see a difference, I knew that it was me.

For the most part, it doesn't inconvenience me, but just let me try to match fabric and I feel like I am disabled.  There are two main times when I attempt to match fabric - when I am sewing something and when I am getting dressed.  And I do at least one of those every day!   My family has grown accustomed to me asking, "Does this go together?"  Right now, I think I am okay about 75% of the time.

But, that other 25% - Yikes!

I began this quilt top a couple of years ago as a lap quilt for Daryl.  I decided his lap was too big for it, made him another quilt, and left this one in my unfinished business pile.  A couple of weeks ago I decided that it was time to move on and get it finished.  The floral fabric was the inspiration for the color scheme and I had a terrible time matching the mud color of the flower petals.  Eventually, I settled on a shade of brown.  When I pulled the quilt top back out recently, though, it hit me that I was totally off on the color - now it looks like a shade of gray!  In this picture, that appears perfectly obvious, but for two years it looked brown to me.

Daryl looked at it in the bright light and told me that it was a very strange color and not easy to distinguish at all.  For two years, though, I thought it was brownish and now it looks perfectly grayish.

So, I did what any quilter with a smidgen of pride would do - I quickly finished it and snuggled up with a grandson on the couch with our new lap quilt.

Jonathan was with me when I was finishing this little project.  He was sitting on the couch playing Angry Birds on my Nook when I asked, "Jonathan, would you come outside and let me take a picture of you holding this quilt?   It was an enormous sacrifice on his part to break away from the birds trying to smash those bad pigs, but he did it.

I've seen him choose Angry Birds over chocolate ice cream so I feel blessed that he agreed to help me!

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