Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The strike is over

The girls have decided to get back to work!

And not a minute too soon, I may add.  I have had a strict rule of not eating my friends chickens, but when they had practically stopped laying eggs, a chicken casserole was one of my options to deal with the problem.  For a couple of months, I was only getting about four eggs per day from 24 hens!  And, yet, they continued to eat at the same rate as if they were laying a dozen per day.

I do have more than one reason for having chickens.  I like their little sounds they make all day.  I like having them for the grandchildren.  And, it seems right that we should have a little livestock on our 'farm' besides a dog and some cats.

But, I really like to have the eggs and have enough to share with our friends.

Thank you, girls, for getting back to work.  The egg you lay may be a life you save.

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