Friday, March 2, 2012


I finished a project!  I love it when that happens!

This project is a dress for Lily.  My reason for making it was just so I could have an excuse to sew with some fine fabrics.  I used Liberty of London cotton for the dress, Swiss batiste for the collar, and some nice lace as a trim.  

While I like the results, and I think she will look sweet in the dress, I'm not sure I will make a dress like this again any time soon.  The fabric cost enough that I was hesitant to begin the sewing!  You know, you don't want to do a bad job on good fabric!  And it is a little frustrating that you can buy a smocked dress for under $40.  Most of them are made in China by strangers, not by loving grandmothers, but from a distance you can't tell any difference in the dress.

So, I am happy I did this little experiment, but I'm moving on to less formal sewing.  Right now I have a play dress cut out, the fabric bought for another, a lap quilt in the planning stages, and a prayer shawl on the knitting needles.  

A garden to till, chicken pens to clean and get ready for  baby chicks, clover to cut, moss to pick up, and a house to clean.

I'd better stop blogging about it and Do It!


  1. Fancy dresses made by Minnie are much more valuable than the ones made in China! We love it!

  2. Cindy, you are so talented and so busy...makes me tired to read all you say you need to do, but the best part is you do it! I'm so proud to call you a are the true Proverbs woman!