Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring pounced

I had a plan.

First, I would wait until we had several nights of hard freezes.  Then, when all of our grass in the yard was totally dormant, I would spray Round-Up across our yard.  The idea was to kill all of the clover and burweed while the grass was sleeping.

The hard freezes never came to our part of the world, though, and while I was thinking "Surely we will get one more cold snap", spring weather pounced on us!  So, I tossed the Round-Up plan and moved on to the 2-4-D plan.  All I needed now was a still, calm morning so the spray wouldn't drift onto the pansies.

Unfortunately, Alabama is pretending to be Oklahoma and every day has a wonderful, sheet-drying breeze.

Oh, well.

Does anyone have a goat I can borrow?

1 comment:

  1. You take such beautiful's the same way here in Tally...all the azaleas have bloomed and the flowers have pretty much fallen off; the dogwoods have bloomed; the pollen is piled high on everything...kind of scares me as to what summer will be like...oh, well!