Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I love my grandchildren

Reason #438 - they enthusiastically go along with their Minnie's silly parties

Me:  Jonathan, I think that we should have a potty party for Daniel and Bella since they are potty-trained!
J:  That is a great idea since 'party' and 'potty' both begin with a 'P'.

4 days later

Me:  (on the phone) Hey, Jonathan!
J:     Oh, hey, Minnie!
Me:  I have been thinking about the party for Daniel and Bella.
J:     Oh, right!
Me:  Since 'party' and 'potty' both begin with a 'P', I think we should eat foods that begin with a 'P'.  What do you think?
J:     That's a good idea!  But, all I can think of is pizza.
Me:  I know, but we just ate pizza together on Sunday, didn't we?  I was thinking about some other 'P' foods.  What about pears?
J:     Pears!!  That is a great idea!  Oh!!  And we need the right kind of pickles.  We will need the sweet kind.
Me:  Got it!  And what about having pasta sauce with meatballs?
J:     Ummm.  Okay.  (Not much enthusiasm there.)
Me:  For dessert we can have pie and pudding.
J:     Right!  Be sure to get the chocolate kind of pudding.  And, I also like the kind that has some vanilla in the middle of the chocolate.
Me:  That is a great idea!

Our menu:

Meatball sub sandwiches with Pasta sauce
French fried Potatoes
Key Lime Pie

:  :  :  :

Reason #439 - they love any little gift they get from me

Lily and Bennett are headed to the beach this weekend so I went to Target and bought them some little beach gifts.  Lily's is a straw-looking fedora sun hat with Hello Kitty trim and I got her some Hello Kitty sunglasses.  When I got to her house she was already dressed up in full princess costume.  She added the hat and sunglasses to her look and then went to check it all out in a mirror.   I could hear her talking to herself from the next room:

Lily:  This is just amazing!!  I look amazing!

After I had left and it was time for Lily's afternoon rest there was a thunderstorm rolling in.  She is a little fearful of thunder so Abbie told her about the storm and to expect to hear some thunder while she rested.  Lily said:

I'm not scared.  My hat keeps me safe.

:   :   :   :

A grandchild fills a space in your heart that you never knew was empty.

:  :  :  :


  1. I love, love, love this post. :) You are such a good Minnie and they are so, so, so wonderful.

  2. Those grandchildren of yours are so blessed to have you in their are blessed to have them in your life. God is good. One day I may understand the grandchild concept. Love you! :)