Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mr. Delaware

This spring we became adoptive parents to three wandering chicks.

Daryl's uncle found them roaming the streets of his neighborhood and thought of us.  We babied them, petted them, and waited until just the right time to move them in with their new family.

That can sometimes be a problem because old chickens just don't like young chickens very much.  These three must have been very easy going because all went well.

Two of the little ones are some type of red chicken, probably Rhode Island Reds.  I had to do a little searching to find the breed of the white one and it turns out that it is a Delaware.  I have never had that breed before, but if we had a beauty contest in the hen pen today, that one would win.

Here he is today.

And I say 'he' because I am trying to decide if Dela is a rooster or a hen.  I'm thinking rooster right now.  He is bigger than most chickens, his comb on top of his head is getting pretty big, and he goes to the top of whatever he is around.  King of the Mountain, you know.  I don't see any long tail feathers, yet, and he hasn't crowed.  But then he hasn't laid an egg, yet, either!

I'll let you know what I decide.


  1. we saw a ton of crazy-looking chicken breeds (and pheasants and quail and geese and dozens of other kinds of birds) at the collinsville trade days this past weekend. you would have loved seeing them!

  2. I think he looks very macho. I hope it's a he. If it turns out to be a she, don't tell her I said that.