Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twin Terminology

Daniel and Bella spent some time with us last weekend.  They are sweet, funny kids and we treasure the time we can spend with them.

Daniel has an unusual joy of looking under rocks.  He loves bugs, worms, and frogs and will literally turn over every rock looking for one!  While he and Bella were looking under these rocks, they were saying, "Hello?  Is anyone there?"  I had to get my camera to capture this in my memory.

After I took that picture, I said,

"Hey, could you two put your arms around each other so I can take your picture?"

This is their interpretation of putting their arms around each other:

They were so proud of how they wrapped their arms so tight.  While the picture looks like two defiant or sulking twins, it is actually a shot of them doing their best to please their Minnie.  I love these two!

p.s.  Notice Daniel's pockets.  They are full of rocks.

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  1. cute kids; cute story!
    thanks for being a super grand-m.