Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Saturday in Mom's Garden

Mom found this little chubby frog shading himself on her okra plant.  He seemed to enjoy this little photo shoot and kept still for the whole thing.

When I told Mom that her okra plants we more bushy than mine she said that some deer had come in and eaten the tops off all the plants.  That's why she has an electric fence running around the outside of her garden.  I think that next year I will pretend to be a deer and cut off my plants, though.  It makes a much prettier plant.

The temperature on the deck here has been 99 degrees, but the high tomorrow is 86.  With a low of 55!  What a relief!  We are headed back home on Monday into Tropical Storm Lee.  Yay, rain!  Yay, lower temperatures!  

Yay, September!

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