Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday

I woke up this morning with one of those bubbly feelings in my stomach - kind of like butterflies!  Some days I am so excited to face the day and this is one of those days.  It could have something to do with the fact that I slept ALL night without waking up even one time, which is pretty rare for me.

The things-to-do-list today is no more exciting than any other day, but today I'm super happy to get started.

1.  Exercise - DONE - Daryl walked with me this morning.  That makes me happy.  And I always feel better about myself, and in general, when the exercising is finished before the rest of the day begins.  I was rewarded for being out early today with a beautiful rainbow in the sky!  I've never seen one so early in the day.   And, even better, when I turned the corner at the top of the hill a deer ran out in the road ahead of me!  The deer was silent, but she rustled the soybean plants as she jumped out so I got a glimpse of her.  Oddly, the song stuck in my head yesterday was "As the Deer".  Just one of God's object lessons, I guess.  I don't always walk for exercise because it gets so boring to me.  Sometimes I jump on the trampoline, but only when there is absolutely no one around.  I even tell Shiloh not to look.

2.  Cut grass - When the grass grows and I look out over the yard and see how uneven it is, it feel like clutter to me.  I feel that clutter even when I'm in the house.  That is one reason I like to cut grass.  It gives some order to my day.  But, this time of year, the order in the yard lasts more than 4 hours.  Without it growing so fast, it is more fun to cut!

3.  Finish sewing a couple of dresses for the grandgirls - There is no chore to that.  I just have to finish the other things on my list before I get down to the fun.

And to top it all off, Friday is the first day of Fall!  Actually, when I think about it, that may be the reason I feel so good today.  I am sure that the month of August is necessary for some reason, but let's just say that it isn't my favorite way to spend 1/12 of my life.  September, though, is full of smells, and feelings, and memories of cooler times to come and I love it!

I love days like this!

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  1. The month of August was necessary for your baby sister to be born. That may be it, but there's one great reason :)