Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Three Lives of a Kitchen Table

Before Daryl and I got married all those years ago we went furniture shopping at TG&Y.  Which is the equivalent today of buying furniture at Target.  The first thing we bought was an oak table to go in our kitchen dining area.  We stained it, polyurethaned it, and used it that way for about 13 years.  The table is in so many pictures taken during those years.  Pictures of aunts sewing curtains before Ben was born, David's third birthday when Jackie was 10 days old and all I could do was put a candle in a piece of cake someone had brought to the house, a great pic of David with a face full of chicken pox.  It even held the wedding cake at Jackie's first wedding on her third birthday.  BUT, all of those pictures were taken before the digital age and I don't have a scanner...

When we moved to Florida our kitchen was all white and not as large as the one we had in Montgomery.  The oak table took up so much visual space that the room felt very cramped.  So, Daryl painted the table white.  Several people told us what a bad decision we made, but it wasn't their kitchen  or their table, for that matter!  I wanted it white!

A white kitchen table never worked at our house here, though.  I was over my white phase.  What to do, though?  Daryl had worked so hard on that paint job and I felt a little inconsiderate to think about changing it to something else.  So the table went to the basement.  And that didn't feel considerate to the table!  After two years I decided that it was time to make a decision and get the table back in service.

My first idea was to  paint the whole thing black.  I have a friend with a black table in her kitchen and I love the way it looks.  But, David and Sarah just refinished a side table at their house by stripping the paint off the top and painting the legs.  Even though I have never stripped furniture before I decided to go for it and get to work.

When I first got down to the old oak finish, I actually talked to a table.  "Hello, old friend."  And it talked back.  "Ahhhhhh.  Now I can breath again."

Not really.  The table didn't respond to me.

Here it is today.

I love how it turned out!

If you look to the right of the kitchen table you can see my dining table.  I'm on to the next refinishing project!


  1. WOW! I remember that "white" table on Rosemont Ridge! But, how different and beautiful it looks again in its new finish! Great job!!

  2. So elegant!! Can't wait to sit and have a cup of coffee with you.