Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Feeder

My father-in-law gave this bird feeder to me a LONG time ago.  I have really sort of treasured it.  I have painted it a couple of times and as it started to wear out over the years, I have repaired it.  And most recently, I have repaired it with duct tape.  Just lovely.

The birds have never seemed to notice that their feeder was looking ragged.  And even I kept overlooking how bad it had become until two things happened.  #1 - it stopped keeping the seed in the hopper, and #2 - the duct tape on top of the feeder started flapping in the wind.  Both were fatal flaws and it had to go.

I took this well-loved, but retiring feeder down and put up a pretty, shiny new one.

It isn't at all like the other one, but I sort of like it.  The birds are not so sure, though.  This morning I looked out to see -0- birds on the new feeder.  They were all gathered on and around the old feeder I had left on the ground.

That won't last long, though.  The cats will be by soon.

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