Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chicken Urban Legends

I have a rooster.  He is just an accidental rooster, though.  Not an on purpose rooster.

When you go to the chicken store to buy your baby chickens, you say, "I would like 25 baby girl chickens."  That way you get all eggs and no crowing.  And no more baby chickens.

This system is not foolproof, though.  Sometimes a baby rooster looks like a baby hen.  And sometimes you get an accidental rooster.   I honestly have no clue whatsoever how anyone can tell the boys from the girls.

There is much to say about this little bad boy, but my point today is that there is an urban legend that roosters crow at the break of dawn.  Exclusively.  But, as Wikipedia explains it, "this idea is more romantic than real."  Roosters crow whenever they want to.  Mine wants to crow at 3:00 AM, and 11:30 PM, and at whatever time it is that you would like for a small child to take a good, long nap.

I have no idea who thought that crowing is romantic, but it certainly is entertaining.

First, you go to the highest place in the chicken coop.

Then you stand up very tall and straight.


Finally, you look around to make sure everyone was paying attention.


  1. Oh No! Maybe you need to explain to him that you are a meat eater the next time he wakes up one of the kids.

  2. That made me think of "Babe that Pig" as my kids always called him; the Lalalaaaaaaa.
    I was out there the other day when ya'll were gone and couldn't find him. He identified himself quite well before I left. Yep, he's loud!

  3. I love the play by play pictures. He sure looks proud of himself!