Friday, March 4, 2011

Cindy's Sit-N-Knit

Several years ago there was a knitting and yarn shop in Montgomery.  It was in a small house that had been converted into a business.  When I walked into the shop I felt like I had walked into a soft wonderland.  The walls were lined with bins and baskets of colorful yarns, tables displayed scarves and sweaters that had been knitted as examples of what could be done with the skeins of yarn.  The front part of the little cottage had a sitting area where women were always chatting, working on their projects together.  

I had knitted and crocheted a very small amount as a younger person, but the yarn store inspired me to pick it back up again.  I knitted a few scarves in a very simple stitch, but never moved on to anything more complex.  At the same time, I started crocheting again.

And then the little shop closed.  Even though I hadn't bought a lot of things there, I had felt their presence and had known that I could stop in to get some help when I got stuck on a pattern.  The closing was, in a silly, little, small way, a loss to me.

That is when I started thinking about opening my own yarn store.  I would name it, "Cindy's Sit-N-Knit".  There would be cozy chairs, a cat or two, maybe a small dog, a small fire in the fireplace, and lots and lots of colorful, soft yarns.  People would stop in to knit or crochet a while.  We'd keep the coffee brewing and share ideas.  Ahhhh.......

But I am a realist and not a dreamer at heart.  I don't want to work away from home, and it would become work.  I could open a shop in my house, but my house is too remote.  Hobby Lobby is very convenient and they can sell their yarn cheap.  I can't make any business plan where there would be a profit.  

So when Daryl had a business trip in Destin and asked me to come with him, the first thing I did was to look online to see if there was a yarn store there.  And there was!

Not the cozy house type of shop, but still full of yarn bins and baskets.  I wondered around, bought a little yarn for a new project, and just enjoyed being there.

So what does someone like me do with a full day to herself in Destin?  I crochet!

My sister, Cathy, and I have our own sit-n-knit/crochet times when we are together, and we've had lots of time together recently.  We always have some yarn and needles in our lap.  

I'm often interested in how things work out.  Not like we think, but they do work out.  I do have a friend to knit with, to share ideas with, to get help from.  Not in a cozy yarn store with new friends, but in hospital chairs with my sister.  With our mother watching us and chatting with us.  With two of the oldest friends I have.

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