Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Medical Mystery

I have a medical mystery that needs to be solved:

Why does sitting in a hospital room make me eat?

It doesn't make any sense, does it?  I thought I had it figured out a few months ago.  Mom did not have an appetite a few months ago and the doctors gave her a medicine that would make her hungry.  I was sitting in the recliner next to her bed when they put the med into her IV and I immediately got up and bought a Snickers bar.

She doesn't have that problem this time, though, and I just got back from the cafeteria.  I bought peach cobbler and Miss Vickie's Jalapeno potato chips.  For me, not for her.  Her room is on the seventh floor and I have walked up the stairs once to get off this extra weight, but you can't carry your food very well and climb the stairs.

Any scientific explanations would be appreciated.


  1. We'll be praying for your mom and for you! I think the eating is a nervous way to "satisfy" the anxiety about the unknown - is with me! Love you and give your mom a hug from me.

  2. We just wish mom would WANT to eat all that and be able to so really we do it for her to maybe tempt her a little, so you go ahead and eat sister!!