Friday, March 11, 2011

I Hear Voices

Daryl, Ben and David all have the same voice.  There is something about the tone that makes it hard for me to  distinguish them from each other if I can't see who is talking.

The same thing is happening to two of our grandchildren.  Except they don't sound like Daryl.  They sound like cartoon characters. 

I heard Daniel talking about eating lunch earlier this week and he sounded just, exactly like Gus from the movie, Cinderella.  

My truck has a DVD player in it and Lily's favorite movie to watch when we ride together is a VeggieTales movie named Lord of the Beans.  She has watched it so often that she can quote some of the lines.  And I can't tell if it is Lily talking or that little brown-haired asparagus guy.

This doesn't matter to anyone except me, I'm sure.  But I think it is hilarious!


  1. Well, it totally cracks me up too but it's probably because I'm their great-aunt and your sister! That Is Hilarious!

  2. I just watched the youtube of Gus on Cinderella and I'm putting it in my favorites if it sounds like Daniel! :D

  3. I think that's pretty cute too. I have the same problem with my girls. They sound just the same too!! But not like cartoon characters :)