Monday, August 15, 2011


We have been so busy having fun that I haven't been using the computer much and without using the computer there isn't a whole lotta bloggin' goin' on.  Glad to be back at it, though.

Jackie was able to come visit for a few days so we all had some great family time.

When I looked through some of our pictures I noticed that at least some of our time was spent wrestling with the two younger boys in the fam.

We have been so blessed with rain this summer and a storm blew up Saturday afternoon.  Lily and I were about to go gather the eggs when we noticed the rain.  I just love the way it feels when the wind starts whipping the trees around so we stood and watched it for a while.  Lily stepped out and Jackie caught this picture of her.

With that rain came a little taste of fall!  The temps are lower and the humidity is much lower than last week.  Can we all say, "Ahhhhhh....."?

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