Monday, August 29, 2011

Last week

Last week began with receiving a text from Jackie saying that she had just experienced an earthquake and ended with her having a hurricane party - in Philadelphia of all places!

Meanwhile, back here on the farm I got a little sewing done.  I had an idea to make a blankie for a premature baby that we know of.  The easy part was knitting the center of the little thing.  The hard part was deciding how to put the satin border on it.  I studied some of Lily and Bennett's blankies, but the geometry of figuring out the mitered edges stumped me.  I finally put the edge on like I would for a pillow.  It looks fine, but I'd like to conquer that little math problem.

While I was outside I noticed something really funny.  At least to me.

 This is a picture of the garden before we did anything to it this year.  Notice the bean pole?  It is for growing green beans or green peas or whatever it is I planted around it.

Well, look at it now!  One reason I don't remember what I planted is that it didn't grow anything except vines.  And they apparently grew up to the top and back down again!

I'm not sure I'll do this again. It isn't even pretty and it reminds me of the kudzu that takes over forests and eats houses.  Not a pretty thought!

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