Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have so much to be thankful for today!

Not the big things, but the little ones.


Air Conditioning
     One of our air conditioner units quit Tuesday evening.  When the repairman came yesterday he said that the capacitor had blown up.  I said, "That sounds like something out of Back to the Future."  And we had one of those moments when I realized that he is too young to have a clue about the flux capacitor and how that is what makes time travel possible.  He just smiled at me, kept walking, and I was left in the kitchen mumbling to myself.

Internet access in my house
     My modem has slowly been getting less and less reliable.  It quit on Monday so I called the satellite guys to come out and replace it.  For $150 they would replace only the modem with the same model I had.  Or for $100 more they would upgrade our whole system and install a new satellite dish.  I'm a sucker.  New everything for me, please.

Cut grass
     Around here we have a 'fix-it-yourself' mentality, so it was more than a little strange for there to be two repairmen at the house at the same time.   Daryl came home from work early to see if he needed to help with the air conditioner repair.  He didn't, but it still left him here earlier than normal.  Instead of just relaxing on the couch, he went outside and cut some of the grass for me!

Fall can't be far away
     Walnut trees have a very short growing season.  They are some of the last trees to get their leaves and around the end of July the leaves begin to fall.

A walnut before it falls

This was the driveway about a week ago.  Yesterday the road was covered in leaves.  I love fall so much that it makes me giddy!

I'm so thankful.

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  1. Doncha' love the moments when a professional is so much younger than you that he doesn't get your jokes? They are getting more frequent! :)