Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finishing well

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Right after I finished posting about the garden being overgrown a couple of weeks ago, I started the next thing on my to-do list which was to exercise.  I have been riding an exercise bike and, while I know it is good for me, it doesn't seem to be tough enough to make big changes.  So, I decided to try Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD.

One of the thoughts I had about the garden is how difficult it is for me to finish the growing season without just giving it up to the weeds.  I wrote, "I find it so easy to start something and so difficult to finish it well."

When I was 15 minutes in to Jillian's 20 minute workout I was thinking that I had had just about enough.  Then she said,

Hang in there!
You are tired right now.
You just want to stop right now and shut off this DVD.
Don't even think about it!
We don't quit at the end!
This is when we finish strong!

Wow!  Thanks, Jillian!

The apostle Paul talks about finishing well, too.  He was thinking about that at the end of his life and as I get ready to turn 50 this year it is probably good for me to think about it, too.  I don't think I am close to the end of my life, although we don't know.  I have lived at least half of it though:)  So it seems like a good time to take a life inventory and see what needs to be finished well.

There are small things like not letting my beautiful garden turn into an eyesore.  Bigger things like not letting my body take its natural course and get soft.  And some really big things like finishing well as a mother, wife, grandmother, and daughter.  Somewhere in there is finishing well as an individual person, separate from my roles.  

I don't want to fizzle out.  I want to keep going until it isn't possible to go any more.

While I'm at it, I think I should invest in some sort of full body support.  All of this jiggling while exercising can't be good for a person, can it?

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