Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A whole lotta fun

Over the weekend Daryl and Ben went tuna fishing.  They went with some friends out of a harbor south of New Orleans so they needed to spend one night away from home.  This meant that Abbie and I protected each other from the bogey man by spending the night together at her house.  And that meant that I got to spend more than my normal amount of time with Lily and Bennett.  Yay, me!

Bennett is in constant motion and it is hard for me to get a good picture of him.  Lily is a great assistant, though.  You can see by her hands and the set of her mouth that she is intent on keeping her brother still long enough to have his picture taken.  Thanks, Lily.

On Monday I got busy working on my big project for this week - making a guest room out of this mess.  Have you ever seen a room more in need of a makeover?  Once upon a time it was a beautiful guest room.  But, the furniture we were storing for some friends needed to go back home,  we had an enormous rain that seeped water into the bedroom floor which ruined the carpet, and without any problem at all, this room became a junk/play room.  I really, really dislike having such a dead space in the house and this is the week to reclaim our room!

It did make such a wonderful spot for hanging beautiful works of art like you see below.  Whatever will I do with this photograph of cows staring at me?  This room was the perfect place for it.

Just like every other major cleaning out project I do, it has gotten worse before it gets better.  I did get the walls painted yesterday and will get to the trim tomorrow.

The closet in this room has been a depository for all things without any other home.  Among others I found my junior high band jacket, a collection of Precious Moments figurines, Daryl's favorite T-shirt from high school, Abbie's wedding dress, and several dead bugs.  No one knows how or why the wedding dress got there.

I have enlisted some help today and my favorite twins will be here soon to help me sort out the toys!

Or were they coming to play with the toys?

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  1. Ooohhhh, I like the pink! Did it turn out like you wanted it?