Friday, August 26, 2011

Time to clean house

When I got up this morning I knew it was the day to clean house.  Not mine, but theirs...

They push and shove to get out like people in line at Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving!  

Then it is down to the business of who can find the best snacks the quickest.

I go in their space and clean out the nesting boxes which is immediately met with looks like this one.

What a sweetie!

I top off their food bowls, burn the trash, 

and then check in with Shiloh to make sure everyone is behaving.

I clean out the floors.  Sort of.  Then I get on the mower, notice the tires are low, fire up the air compressor, put some air in the lawnmower tires, cut a path to an old hay bale, find the pitch fork, get some hay, rake up some grass clippings, water some plants, stand in an ant bed, feed some horses, wipe the sweat out of my eyes a couple of times, bring the hay to the hen house,

and put down the new floor covering.

To the thanks and admiration of my adoring flock.

Wait....only one came back to say thank you.  Hmmm....

1 comment:

  1. You know you are in good company that only one came back to say thanks, right?