Sunday, February 6, 2011

Small Things

A couple of years ago I painted a spot on the dining room wall with chalkboard paint and got Daryl to put a frame around it.  My idea was to keep inspirational, meaningful, or funny phrases on the wall - just because.  After I put it up, I realized that the grandkids would probably love to write on the "chalkboard", also, so I keep chalk in the ledge of the frame.  They pull up a chair and draw whatever they want to, whenever they want to.  Any words I might have written can be written again.

About a week ago, David asked me if it was okay for Jonathan to be drawing on the chalkboard, and I told him yes.  When I went in there the next day I saw that Jonathan had moved aside a stickery plant, pulled up a chair, and had "drawn" this:

It must be a grandmother thing, but it makes me so happy to think about the process that J went through to draw this.  He knew it was okay to move the furniture around, he felt fine about adding to what I had written, and he knew that he didn't have to ask.  Lily does it, too.  And it makes me smile.

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