Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Before our grandchildren were born we chose the names they would call us.  Daryl wanted to be called PawPaw, just like his granddad.  I wanted to be called Minnie.  Mine is a family name, too.  My mom's grandmother was called Minnie.  Jonathan calls me Minnie.  Lily calls me Minnie.

And Bella used to call me Minnie.  Until Daniel started calling me MiMi.  And now Bella calls me MiMi.  They are very sweetly calling me MiMi.  But.  That.  Is.  Not.  My.  Name.

What if Jonathan gives in to peer pressure?  What if he stops calling me Minnie?  Will Lily be next?

I really think it is some kind of twin thing.  I have heard that they can sometimes have their own language that they use only with each other.  Daniel and Bella may have some sort of name-changing pact.  PawPaw had better watch out.  He may soon be Pop.  Or Grandfather.

As cute and sweet as they are, though, I may give up my strong stance on this.  Maybe.

"Chickens make me happy!"

This is so funny to me because I didn't have to hurry to catch this picture.  He stayed like this for a long time! 

Put the corn just out of reach of the chickens!

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