Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grand Velas

We got home last night and slept in our own bed, and except for the cat that was so happy to see us that she couldn't sleep, it felt good to be home!

This is my last vacation post, but I wanted to share some pictures of the hotel where we stayed in Puerto Vallarta.

This is our room.  It felt more like an apartment because I think it was about 1,000 sq. feet. 
The grounds and floors of the property had designs in them made by insetting little black round stones.  They look like perfect skipping stones.

An open-air lobby.
This is looking from front to back through the lobby.  The pool and ocean are through the opening on the far end.

Sailboats against the sunset on our last night there.

And because of this guy, and his quacamole that he made especially for us, at our table, two times.  And because of all the other yummy things we ate just because it was there...

This is us now.  Even my hair is fat.  

That's okay, though.  We are having a contest to see who can lose 5 pounds first.  The first weigh-in was this morning.   I'll let you know how it goes! 

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  1. Your hair is a little fat here - I guess due to some wind. But at least the both of you look like you got a tan :)