Monday, April 11, 2011

Mornings at Minnie's

David and Sarah have a new house!  Moving day was Saturday so they are living in the middle of lots of boxes, but I doubt they care.  They get to be a family in their own home again.

Between houses, though, they lived with us.  I'm not sure how many times our house has had two families living under its roof, but it has been several.  Anna and John lived here for a while with Beau and Joy, we have lived with Beau and Joy two times, and David and Sarah have been here twice with us.

It can be a challenge to combine multiple generations under one roof.  I'm pretty sure, though, that in every instance we have all been up to the challenge.  It is good for 'every mouse to have his own house' as Joy's dad used to say, but it is also a blessing to walk in each other's shoes for a time.

While we were all together most recently, Jonathan, Daniel and Bella slept in rooms upstairs where our bedroom is.  So every day as they got up, they would look into our room to say, "Good morning."

Sometimes we would all snuggle in bed together.

I'll miss that.


  1. I love those sweet kiddos. What a great picture of you four!

  2. You are a blessed Minnie and they are blessed kiddos to have you.