Thursday, April 14, 2011

Concert Culture

We went to a concert last night and saw a group named Gungor.  The lead singer's name is Michael Gungor, thus the strange name.  It was a great concert!  I loved the music and the talent of the musicians.

There is an interesting bit of concert culture that people my age and older may find a little odd.  See the two nice young men standing up on the front row?  

They stood up the whole time.

Even when no one else was standing up.  

So the people behind them couldn't see a thing.  I know that people stand up at concerts, especially on the front rows.  I stood up quite a bit, too.  But, in most situations, it is inconsiderate to stand up with people behind you wanting to see, also.  

I really think that it is okay at a concert, though.  Just a bit of concert etiquette that doesn't flow through to normal society.

Bennett came to the concert and I found out that he isn't afraid of loud music.  Abbie came to the concert.  She is the one who invited me.  Ben came to the concert 30 minutes after he was in a wreck that really damaged his truck.  He seems to be okay.  Daryl came to the concert.  That may be surprising, but he came to be with me and ended up enjoying himself.

Gungor made me think of my other son, who did not come to the concert.  David is a great musician, too, and he would have loved the music.  I offered to keep his children for him and Sarah to be there, but they decided to go out on a date later in the week. 

David turns 28 today.  Instead of being at a concert last night, he was probably doing something similar to this:

This was Bible story time just before bed one night last week.  
It has been interesting to watch David mature.  I know that he would love to still be living in Colorado with Sarah and their children, climbing mountains and making CDs.   He chose to move back to hot, humid, flat Alabama to raise their family close to us.  I'm so very grateful to have a close relationship with all of them, but I think I understand the sacrifices. 

Happy Birthday, David!  You are my favorite rock star!

Boo, Daniel!


  1. Gungor coming from CO made me think of David last night too. And this post made me tear up a little.

  2. Cindy, I love reading your blog...and this made me tear up as was such a blessing being with you all the short time we were, and then to remain friends, even though separated by miles. You have an awesome family and I just cannot believe how long it's been since you first came to Tally. Jackie was about Lily's age and the boys were just a little they are grown men with families of their own, and our Jackie is married and living up north (for some unknown reason - lol). Our Mike will be 30 in September, Charlie is 34 and Carl will be 6-0 on Sunday...and I still remember my surprise 40th birthday with Daryl pretending to have locked himself out of his office to bring me back to the building...loving memories and I'm so grateful you're all a part of them!